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One Million Reasons for Voting for Terry Gray


With an emphasis on public safety and the goal of maintaining an upscale community, I am announcing my candidacy for office. Terry Gray for Council Position 6 Pearland, TX, believes there are one million reasons to vote for me, the candidate “most wanted” by the third-largest city in the Houston area.

There are several items that I wish to accomplish if I am chosen to serve.

Ensure Public Safety

I want to keep the fire department and police force as our top priority. This will help keep the residents and businesses of our community safe, providing that we are an enjoyable place to live and a fun place to visit.

Reduce Debt

The City of Pearland will owe nearly a half billion dollars of interest by the year 2036 as a result of bond debt. I will seek to reduce this debt to ease the burden on our city now and into the future.

Community Improvements

As a council member, I will advocate for finishing many projects including installing quiet railroad crossings and synchronizing the traffic lights to help vehicles flow better and cut down on congestion.

Grow Business

To continue to thrive, Pearland must encourage commerce with new businesses and maintain the ones that currently call our city home. This will increase our tax base without passing along tax increases to the residents.

Get Out and Vote!

I would love to have your support. Please get out and vote! Polling places will be open on May 7 with early voting available from April 25 to May 3.

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